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Client Testimonials

"Rx: Yoga Coaching has been immensely helpful to make me feel like the healthiest version of myself. As a type-A anxiety-prone overachiever, Natalie provided me with manageable daily habits and lifestyle tweaks to make me feel more grounded and at ease. She also showed me small changes to my diet and exercise routines that improved both my mental and physical health and my energy levels." -Christina J.

"I have been working with Natalie for about 6 weeks now.  When I met with her the first time, my life was extremely busy and there was no way I could make a major change but I needed to change something.  She came up with a wellness plan for me that allowed me small changes that created big differences.  I'm very scientific in my thinking which made me a little hesitant to work with Natalie but I am so happy I did.  The small changes in my routine have allowed me to sleep better every night and eat healthier during the day even when I have little time.  Natalie listens to your concerns because she really cares about your well being.  You have nothing to lose attending the information session, it could change your life!" -Maureen K.

"Rx: Yoga is the way to go! I have known Natalie for a few years and to have her as a friend and wellness coach has been so beneficial! Natalie worked with me to assess my baseline, formulate a plan, and offer helpful tips on how to improve my overall health. My energy was low, poor sleep quality, weight gain, and increased anxiety kept me from meeting my potential. The learning session with Natalie to implement my new wellness plan has vastly improved my mindset and motivation! Although I am not at my full potential I have made great progress towards feeling better and meeting my goals. Natalie is educated and full of knowledge to sculpt a plan just right for anyone to help get their health and wellness journey started! Also, Natalie is knowledgeable and nonjudgmental in her teachings making it easy to learn. I highly recommend using Rx: Yoga!" -Megan T.

"Natalie is a wonderful teacher. The combination of her medical and yoga training, plus her personal insights, make her classes very worthwhile! Especially enjoyed the yoga for back pain class." -Elaine A.

"I have known Natalie for several years and she is one of the most committed, knowledgeable people I know. She is a refreshing pioneer in the yoga community due to her strong desire to help others live a healthy life by combining her knowledge as a Physician’s Assistant and her training in the healing practice of yoga. I highly recommend Natalie for a million reasons but most of all for her passion for helping others. She is first class and I am blessed to know her!"  -Lauren W.

"Natalie’s Yoga Nidra class, offered at Full Circle Yoga, is a must take!!!
Natalie is a credible, genuinely compassionate teacher." -Jill M.

"Natalie is an amazing yoga instructor and one of the kindest people you will meet. With her knowledge in the medical field and in the practice of yoga, she is able to help you achieve any health goal you have!

Highly recommend her classes and services!" -Cassie C.

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